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things done with a few clicks of the mouse. While it may seem like easy process, choosing an online printing service does not have the same benefits of choosing a local print shop. With choosing a local print shop, you have personalized service and guidance to ensure the best quality before you print. Here are a few reasons why you

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Do You Really Need Gloss Print?

Shiny is attractive! Most printing customers are lured to gloss since it’s shiny. It conveys wealth glamor, and special status. That’s true! In fact, when compared to uncoated paper, glossy prints stand out. When it comes to vinyl signs, the options are either gloss or matte. Gloss is shiny, matte is dull. Matte is more prestigious. It’s like speaking English

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To Laminate Or Not To Laminate, That Is The Question

A laminate (a.k.a over-laminate) is a film of clear adhesive vinyl that is applied over the print in order to protect it. “Protect it from what?” you may ask. From the elements. All signs that are used outdoors need to be laminated. Otherwise, the ink will fade away under the continuous bombardment of sun rays, the repetitive pelting of the

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Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics is a statement one makes. From a full commercial wrap to a partial color change, car, truck, and boat graphics tell people something about you— what your business does, your contact information, and your location; what colors you like, your slogan, and your favorite brands; or just a play on the mood with stripes and highlights. Therefore, before

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Why You’re Better Off Ordering Prints From A Local Printing Shop

Getting a high resolution design and premium quality print is time consuming. It’s not only the idea you need to have, but also the knowledge in different file formats, RGB vs CMYK color gamuts, which media type fits which usage, which file size in pixels translate to which print size in inches, and the list goes on and on. At

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