Why You’re Better Off Ordering Prints From A Local Printing Shop

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Getting a high resolution design and premium quality print is time consuming. It’s not only the idea you need to have, but also the knowledge in different file formats, RGB vs CMYK color gamuts, which media type fits which usage, which file size in pixels translate to which print size in inches, and the list goes on and on. At the outset, one can get lured to buy online prints. After all, they are cheap. They come with the DIY online tool, the price tag, and “free 2-day shipping.” Right? Wrong! As they say, “you get what you pay for.” Cheap cost translates to generic material and “cheap” quality print. Cheep results in generic— generic design, generic brand, and generic presentation.

DIY tools assume you know what size and color your print needs to be and you know how the monitor colors translate to print colors, how the monitor size looks as a print in real life, and how different finishes translate to different products— different look, touch, and feel.

The free 2-day shipping claim doesn’t tell you that your product will arrive in 2 days AFTER it gets printed, which in turn will take 5 days after the day you place your order! Yes, unless you order in bulk, online-printers will batch your small order of 100 business cards or 2 birthday posters with tens or hundreds of like prints to make it worth operating the large commercial printing machine.

This is just a glimpse of what happens behind closed online storefront doors. Therefore, at Big Print Pro we take a different approach. We focus on building relationships and providing custom print solutions that cater to your personal Roseville print shop needs. After all, you’re unique and your needs are special, so why settle for generic stickers or a generic banner just because it’s cheap.

At Big Print Pro, we don’t only provide our local businesses and neighbors with a printing service, but rather we want to be their advocate. We can turn any file or picture you send us to a window decal or car wrap. However, not every file or picture you send us will look good in print— many files we receive will look blurred, pixelated, or even a different color altogether when printed. We will advocate for you when it comes to settling issues that make a big difference like format, size, and color gamuts. You don’t get such an advice from an impersonal online printing service.

In addition to the aforementioned facts, here are some other reasons to use Big Print Pro service for your next order of window graphics, car lettering, or even store labels:

  1. Our customer service personnel works the phones and the printers. Unlike online printers whose customer service individuals are usually clueless of the process, our customer service are knowledgeable of the process and can answer all your questions from placing an order, say of a decal, to picking up the print. Online printers employ customer service associates who never touched a printer and never even placed an order through their own website. They teach them scripted phrases and place them in a cubicle beside a phone. If you can get hold of them, after going through several automated steps designed to prevent you from talking to a real person, you end up speaking with a nice person who cannot answer the most basic questions. Cheap service comes with impersonal service.
  2. At Big Print Pro, you can stop at any time to pick up a sample or get a feeling of the material you are intending to use. How long does it take an online printer to do so, if at all?  Both commercial and retail online printers charge you for samples which take them for ever to send you. Also, they charge you for a printed proof. At Big Print Pro, we don’t charge for sticker samples or proofs. We are in business to build a lasting relationship with you.
  3. Online printers bulk orders, therefore, their turnaround time is long. They have to wait until they have enough orders to print a batch. We want to be your chosen printing shop on which you can rely. We make sure you can get your prints the same day or the next day without the extra cost of a rushed order. We even work evening and weekends to fulfill a promise and get you the order on time.
  4. As your advocates, we make sure your design, which we can do in-house, serves the purpose intended, and makes your brand stands out from the competition. We “measure twice” to ensure accurate prints and total customer satisfaction. Online printing services don’t really care if your prints match your needs or are presentable. They operate with the motto: “You get what you pay for.” They pride themselves of being cheap and of creating a one size that fits all. Therefore, our banners, window graphics and car lettering, stand out because they’re always custom made.
  5. We can always advise you regarding what best work in your particular situation, be it a cut vinyl, a car graphic, or a window decal. We will advise you whether a die-cut or a kiss-cut sticker is want you need, a laminated or non-laminated decal is more cost effective for you, your vinyl sign better be mounted on aluminum or on a gatorboard, and if black or white lettering will serve your purpose the best.
  6. Once they print and ship your order, the online printing shop cut you loose. They don’t care if you can install your print or not. They don’t care if the print fit or not. On the contrary, we take advocacy one stop further. We have our own installers who ensure perfect look of your print, not only on the cutting mat, but also on your window, wall, or car— wherever the graphic is intended to go.

With Big Print Pro, clients experience less drama; they do not have to deal with lost packages, tracking codes, wrong customer addresses or damaged deliveries. We try our best to make each sale with great confidence eliminating conflicts. In a rare situation when a problem arises we offer instantaneous fix to our customers’ total satisfaction.

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